Steele Environmental Services, LLC

Helping Businesses & Governments Comply with Environmental Regulation

by Specializing in Environmental Strategy.

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White ibises (Eudocimus albus) and  yellow backhoe (heavyus equipmentus) successfully share a common habitat  in Clute, TX (January 2006).

WHO WE ARE: A service firm founded to

assist small businesses and local governments

in managing environmental compliance and risk.


WHAT WE DO:  We leverage our experience

in having solved hundreds of practical problems

to bring about your best compliance, operational,

and financial results.  We call this approach Environmental Strategy.




281-300-2174:  No Charge first consultation No Charge regulatory updates by email

EnviroQ&A: No Charge Online Environmental Training


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We provide services with the highest degree of professionalism.

However, like income taxes, environmental compliance can be tedious,

so we also like to see you smile.

Our Founder's "steel-toed booties", bronzed after getting worn out from working at client industrial sites. 

The bronzed booties make a cameo appearance with words of humor at the bottom of every webpage, but you have to scroll down to see them.


HomeServices (Business)Services (Gov't)ExperienceContactFAQsTraining

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