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This action was intended as more than simple humor, however.   Obviously, any professional who had worked in his or her field long and hard enough to wear a hole through the sole of a pair of Red Wings had accumulated significant industrial experience, and thus could be an asset to clients by serving in a new consultancy.  

Little did we know how well-received our steel toed booties would prove to be.  Over the years, we've actually received phone calls from total strangers laughing uproariously and congratulating us on the cleverness of our bronzed analogy. From there, it was an easy adoption of a graphic version of the boots as a corporate icon of sorts (we are still debating whether to call this unusual image a logo).   

Our first website featured cameo shots of the boots at the bottom of successive web pages, with a teaser caption on each.  Here are the original photos and captions reproduced for amusement and posterity.  

Thank you for considering us for your environmental service needs - steel-toed booties and all.  

When Steele Environmental Services, LLC was born in 2006, its founder took a worn-out pair of steel-toed safety boots and spray painted them in joking reference to the tradition of bronzing a baby's first shoes.   

Steele Environmental Services, LLC